Thursday, June 23, 2011

June...ish update

So I suck at blogging. Just not my deal I guess. I enjoy reading blogs sometimes but still don't have/take the time much. blah, blah, blah!

Quick update on us. We are in the process of buying our first Omaha home. So excited!! Its brand spankin new, not that I really wanted that but this home is really nice and the right price. Well, its not free but other than that it looks good for us. The crappy realestate agent that "helped" us find this rental property seriously blew it for me. I knew from the moment I saw the location that he had lost our business. The house itself is a nice enough house. Its the location. First house right off a really busy loud street. When it snows, and we're in Nebraska so it snows a lot, the road crew scrapes the entrance of our neighborhood at about 4:30 to 5 amish. The entrance is right by our back yard, so every snow or icing we got the nice scraping sound was my alarm. It takes about 45 mins to clear out our entrance. Then, he crosses the road to clear the hood across Q street from us. And it all starts again. :) Funny, I care very little about people's safety at 4:30 in the morning.

Okay, so Ethan did very well in 2nd grade. He got an amazing teacher which didn't look at me like I had 3 eyes when I was freaked about whatever. She was great with E, and loved him. He made some good friends this year. His grades were amazing considering how little focus he has. He started Tae kwon do and has already advanced to yellow belt. The teachers/leaders/dudes in jammies or whatever you call them are great with him. I do need to have a strategy meeting with them about getting him refocused because he doesnt respond well to "typical" prompts. It either has to be reward based or "come to Jesus". Just the way his brain works. He thinks he wants to be a composer, guess he needs some kind of music lessons. We're thinking about piano lessons for a start but always I'm nervous. Freak mom alert!!

Lexi did fabulous in Kindergarten. She loved it and learned a lot. She reads great although she questions herself a lot. She also made some cutie patootie friends. She's in TWD also and loves it. She's a tiger cub now but is gonna test to graduate and move on after her 6th birthday. She wants to take dance but we havent found a place yet or what kind of dance she'd like. Working on that one.

Grand master Z is a pill!! Its funny to see how different they all are. He's so sweet one minute then something sets him off and he can be so strong willed. He's selectively shy, a lot like his momma. He wakes up happy almost every day. He's totally a momma's boy lately which is funny because he was such a daddy's boy literally from the day he was born until the last year. He loved sunbeams the first half of the year but now is having a hard time sitting by other kids and being friendly. We're working on that. He has very sweet teachers so that should help.

Ed is shrinking right before my eye's. He would tell you that its not that big of deal but he's just being modest. He's lost about 50 pounds in the last several months. His cholesterol was a little high and he didnt want to take meds so he plays a ton of ball and eats all healthy n junk. He looks amazing!!! I'm hoping it rubs off on me...well not the weight just the healthy part. He's loving IBM and learning a lot.

Anywho...hopefully it wont be 8 months before we do this again. :)

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