Thursday, June 23, 2011

June...ish update

So I suck at blogging. Just not my deal I guess. I enjoy reading blogs sometimes but still don't have/take the time much. blah, blah, blah!

Quick update on us. We are in the process of buying our first Omaha home. So excited!! Its brand spankin new, not that I really wanted that but this home is really nice and the right price. Well, its not free but other than that it looks good for us. The crappy realestate agent that "helped" us find this rental property seriously blew it for me. I knew from the moment I saw the location that he had lost our business. The house itself is a nice enough house. Its the location. First house right off a really busy loud street. When it snows, and we're in Nebraska so it snows a lot, the road crew scrapes the entrance of our neighborhood at about 4:30 to 5 amish. The entrance is right by our back yard, so every snow or icing we got the nice scraping sound was my alarm. It takes about 45 mins to clear out our entrance. Then, he crosses the road to clear the hood across Q street from us. And it all starts again. :) Funny, I care very little about people's safety at 4:30 in the morning.

Okay, so Ethan did very well in 2nd grade. He got an amazing teacher which didn't look at me like I had 3 eyes when I was freaked about whatever. She was great with E, and loved him. He made some good friends this year. His grades were amazing considering how little focus he has. He started Tae kwon do and has already advanced to yellow belt. The teachers/leaders/dudes in jammies or whatever you call them are great with him. I do need to have a strategy meeting with them about getting him refocused because he doesnt respond well to "typical" prompts. It either has to be reward based or "come to Jesus". Just the way his brain works. He thinks he wants to be a composer, guess he needs some kind of music lessons. We're thinking about piano lessons for a start but always I'm nervous. Freak mom alert!!

Lexi did fabulous in Kindergarten. She loved it and learned a lot. She reads great although she questions herself a lot. She also made some cutie patootie friends. She's in TWD also and loves it. She's a tiger cub now but is gonna test to graduate and move on after her 6th birthday. She wants to take dance but we havent found a place yet or what kind of dance she'd like. Working on that one.

Grand master Z is a pill!! Its funny to see how different they all are. He's so sweet one minute then something sets him off and he can be so strong willed. He's selectively shy, a lot like his momma. He wakes up happy almost every day. He's totally a momma's boy lately which is funny because he was such a daddy's boy literally from the day he was born until the last year. He loved sunbeams the first half of the year but now is having a hard time sitting by other kids and being friendly. We're working on that. He has very sweet teachers so that should help.

Ed is shrinking right before my eye's. He would tell you that its not that big of deal but he's just being modest. He's lost about 50 pounds in the last several months. His cholesterol was a little high and he didnt want to take meds so he plays a ton of ball and eats all healthy n junk. He looks amazing!!! I'm hoping it rubs off on me...well not the weight just the healthy part. He's loving IBM and learning a lot.

Anywho...hopefully it wont be 8 months before we do this again. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello slackety slackernose!!

Here I sit in Omaha, NE. Its beautiful and people are so nice. Its creepy really, I keep waiting for a cameraman to jump out and say GOTCHA! Just had to get your reaction Val. I havent decided if they're so happy its not winter and that they can go outside or if they really are nice. Its so different than in that bubble that we lived in in Tx. I loved Tx dont get me wrong. But Tx was by far the hardest time of my life. I came to realize a lot that I didnt know about myself there and went through most it post partum. NOT a good combination!! When we got the job offer to move to TX we were super excited. We loved Dallas area and thats where we were married in that Temple. I have a lot of love for that Temple!!

Not really sure what or why I had to learn the way I did but I am grateful. By the end, 6 years later I am going to miss some of the people there. I loved Keller Harvel Elementary School. Those ladies are amazing!! Thats yet another HUGE hump that I'm not quite ready to talk about. I'm hoping that Reagan Elementary grows on me. Very nice people but the principle introduces herself to me the first day as Dr Nilson. Really, um the only reason you put a title on yourself as Dr when you are in fact not a Dr is pretentous. Just my opinion. The kids dont know what or why she's calling herself a Dr. She cant give them a perscription, she cant take care of them if they need surgery. Seems purely self important to me. She was nice. I totally respect schooling but seriously. Also the school's not set up for parents at all. Like they dont want us to be there. Just give us your kids and tax dollars and get the hell out. All the kids ride the bus. Theres not even a drop off line. Not much parking and if you do want to get your kids after school they just let them go in front of the school after school's out. That is unless you ride the bus, where you get a personal escort. Its strange, you'd think that a Ms Dr Principal would be able to figure out a better system than that.

The ward seems great. Everyone seems so friendly, truely friendly not just the obligitory hello on Sunday if you make eye contact that I was used to. I dont feel like I'm being sized up if I'm worthy or interesting enough to get to know. The bishop is super nice and the Primary Presidency seems great too. One of the counselors that I talked to about big E watched a show about kids like him to get to know more about it. WHAT!! I was like...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Seriously seems like its gonna be a great ward.

We are renting a fabulous house. Well, except that the master br is upstairs. I HATE THAT!!! But its nice to be on the same floor as the kiddos br's. The basement is fabulous too. Its like we have a 3 story house. Its all finished out with a spare br and an office down there. And there's still a large room for toys and tons of playing!! The kids are loving it!! Ethan kept saying "mom, I love it!! it has 2 sets of stairs!" Funny kid. I'll post pix when we get more settled in.

I'm hoping to be better about this whole blog deal but making no promises!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Guidry style!!

So blog... my brain just freezes when I think of it. I love to read people's blogs but dont allow myself that much as it eats time from my day. Anyway, update... Ed's on the down side of school. The second half of the last semester starts next week. Excited and scared all at the same time!! Now the pressure of finding a
J O B to pay for all this school is gettin heavy. He's interviewing some, and has some fabulous leads. As for me I'm just trying to put it in His hands, if I think of it too much I just want to start forking my eyes out. Therefore, Heavenly ya go!! Oh, oh, oh!! Ed's a hand model too!! Yep you read that right, he brought home the business school brochure last night and he made the cover!!! He's actually more than a hand model, you can see a strong fabulous hand holding a studly business school card in focus and a blurry hot lookin guy in the background. Thats my man!! That alone should get him a whoppin awesome job!!!

Me...I'm in a biggest loser contest too and its sucking bigtime this year. Last year I lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks and won in our little group. But this year I'm teetering around the same 3 pounds of losing and finding. It sux!! I even gave up soda. I've actually gained weight by a couple of pounds. AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Suck, suck, suck!!! On the positive side I love church again for the most part. I have a great calling and work with some fabulous ladies. There's still plenty of drama but I'm trying to avoid it as much as I can. I quit church choir which makes me a bit sad but its worth it to be away from some of the crazieness. I'm also starting to do more hair which I LOVE!!

Ethan is doing awesome in first grade. His first grade play is "The cheese stands alone" and its next monday. I'm pretty excited to see my little pig( thats what his class is) sing about cheese. They've been working hard and it should be fun. I never thought I'd be such a softie but I totally am.

Lexi is loving pre K. She has some really cute little friends and is learning a ton. Its so different than when I was in school, these kiddos are learning so much so early. And they do great with it.

Zach attack is too fun!! He has such a fun personality. He loves church nursery. I dont know what was up with him but last Sunday he chatted up a storm in there. He usually doesnt talk at all at church. The ladies in there are fabulous though. I dont know if I ever want to be in a leadership role here. There are some really awesome people that I certainly wouldnt wanna follow.

So there we are in a nutshell!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow day!!

So snow.... when I was a kid I loved snow. Could play for hours never feeling even slightly cold. My kids however did not get that from me, THANK GOODNESS!! LOL Thursday we woke to a beautiful snow covered Keller. It was about an inch deep and above freezing so being from Oklahoma I thought we were gonna be fine. We walked to school like almost every morning. It was snowing and getting deeper but not a lot and it was still just slush in the streets. I felt confident that the weather person was crazy for thinking we would actually get much snow. I after all have lived in Oklahoma and Texas all my life. Weather people have the hardest job here cause they warn and it never happens. Just the way it is here. Don't like the weather...wait a minute its gonna change. Anyway, it was still snowing and not expected by aforementioned weather people to stop til midnight at the earliest. So we get the school early release call and email and canceled school for the next day notice and I raise an eyebrow. But quickly dismiss it and get ready for our long weekend of playing in the snow. All excited for snow days. So it snowed....and it snowed....and it snowed....have I mentioned that I live in Texas. It was getting deeper and deeper. When we walked across the street to get Lexi it was about 6 inches deep. That was from 8am til 11 am. We played for a bit and Lexi and Zach decided they were done with frozen fingers and went in. By 2 pm it was about 8 inches deep. I'm totally shocked at this time. Never in my life has it snowed for this long and this much at the same time. Its usually melting by this time. Anywho, so ya get the point....SNOW!!! We played for a bit and the kiddos were just so done with it. Poor Zman wouldn't even use his hands to get up. He'd just use his puppy dog eyes and whimper a little and someone would come running to pull him up. It was actually kinda cute. The snow ended up being about 10 to 12 inches deep. CRAZY!!

I actually learned a valuable lesson about jeans in all this snow play. I may look fabulous in my low rise skinny jeans but they are absolutely not for playing in the snow. The old, ugly mom jeans are perfect. Everyone should go out to goodwill now and buy one pair of mom jeans for playing with kids in the snow. Polly plumber was mooning everyone!! The moon may be cute to my sweet hubby but not necessary to show to the world!!

A few photo's

Zach havin a little snow snack

Zach being a cute little monkey

Snow fort (ish)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

stuff..yada, yada, yada

So there hasn't been a post in like a fort night but we are still living. Life as a first grade, pre k and 2 year old mommy is a bit busy. Dealing with public school and all the joys of living in Tx seriously take a lot of time. (patience, endurance and soda) Although like some kind of crazy person I have given up soda for 10 weeks.......gasp!! Hopefully by then I can handle not getting my daily hit. Thanks Dr Oz and Angela G for ruining soda for me. Now when I do have some I feel total guilt. Anyway, enough about my crazy self.

Ethan is a stellar first grader. He's doing great in school but me, yeah I'm not doing so well. I love his teacher but the art teacher may get some tacks in her chair before the end of the year. His music teacher, who by the way seems very sweet, actually sent a note home yesterday saying that Ethan wasn't paying attention in class. That he was making noises in class and that she was worried about him not learning the songs for the play. WHAT?!?! A six year old boy not paying attention in class....does this even ever happen? Obviously not....she has clearly never seen such a thing. Not exactly sure what she expects me to do from here 5 hours after the incident but we did have a few conversations about respect and paying attention and yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah. Poor kid....I totally sound like Charlie Browns teacher to him I'm quite sure. He still manages to like school a lot even though he is the only six year old boy in the history of this elementary school that doesn't pay attention in music. K....hopping off the soap box for a few secs.... Michael Jackson is a fave and beat it and thriller are being sung more than I ever heard them in the 80's. BTW...this MJ deal is absolutely not my fault. His PE teacher teaches the kiddos stretches and this is the music she chooses. Its really cute though I must say. He knows the words better than I did in the 80's.

Lexi is totally loving school. She has grown up so much in the last few months. She's super smart and loves to read books and play and, and, and.... She's also 4 so she turns into Cybil randomly. Never fear though, she goes right back into that sweet little people pleaser almost as fast as she went out of it. She's really a lot of fun.

Grand Master Z on the other hand is hilarious. He's always cracking us up. He is now into Star Wars. He has light saber wars almost hourly. He will let you kill him first then you must be killed. Falling on the ground and all. I have started tongue wagging and dying noises as I fall lately which brings him great joy. He's a moose!! He and Ethan can wear the same size except in length. He loves nursery at church. In fact sacrament is lame in his world he get there and instantly wants to go to nursery. Ethan liked nursery fine and Lexi was okay with going but Zach LOVES it. He's quite the puzzle stud in there too. I'm not just braggin either, his teachers tell me how fab he is often. Its funny, people tell me that he looks like me when he's out with just me but when Ed's there they all say he looks like a mini Ed.

Ed is doing great in school. I'm sick of school but it really hasn't been that bad. 2 years has gone pretty quick. That being said if he even thinks of school again he will be walking around with whatever I can get my hands on to throw at him stuck in the side of his head. Just saying!!

So that's a quick catch up, I'll do better I promise.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

get in line sucka!!!

So yes little havent been even so much as opened in like months. Well, I just gotta say......STEP OFF!! Little blog, life has gotten crazy here and with an impending first grader and an adorable pre K girlie and several trips to Oklahoma in the last month and and and and.....well you can just take a seat for a little longer. I really admire people who do this whole blog deal but I dont even have time to read blogs lately. With the people around here for the most part its just the brags anyway....LOL, I crack myself up!!!! Oh yeah, and I totally forgot my password. That helps to remember those little details. :P So take that little blog, I have loads of fabulous pix but they must wait for now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

more pix from spring break

cool dude!!

look out Paris Hilton!!

zoo may be impossible to get to but we still found an elephant!!

what a cutie!!

We went to Cabela's the day the zoo was crazy to get to. After the fabulous fudge shoppe and the animals here then we were off to Keller Pointe for some water fun. I forgot that we took these photo's too that day.